Mega order for VDL Bus & Coach: 164 Citea’s for Arriva Nederland

Passenger transport company Arriva Nederland has signed a contract with VDL Bus & Coach bv for the delivery of 164 public transport buses for the Dutch concessions in East and West Brabant. The order consists of 89 VDL Citeas LLE and 75 VDL Citeas SLF. From 14 December 2014 Arriva will provide the public transport in these 2 concessions. On Friday, 3 October 2014, the delivery agreement was signed by Mr Anne Hettinga, managing director Arriva Nederland, and Mr Willem van der Leegte, deputy director VDL Groep, in the presence of Mr Ruud van Heugten, delegate of traffic and transport for the Province of North Brabant.

From left to right: Willem van der Leegte (deputy director VDL Groep), Ruud van Heugten (delegate of traffic and transport for the Province of North Brabant), Anne Hettinga (managing director Arriva Nederland)

Very proud
“We are once again very proud to be able to deliver so many buses to Arriva Nederland. On a positive side note, many of these buses are destined for the province of North Brabant, the birthplace of VDL Groep. We are also very pleased that this time Arriva Nederland has not only opted for the regional and city bus Citea LLE, which has become such a familiar part of the Dutch landscape, but also the award winning city bus Citea SLF. VDL Bus & Coach has been working with Arriva for years, and this good relationship has been confirmed numerous times in recent years. One example is Arriva Nederland' 2012 order of no fewer than 275 buses for the Dutch concessions in Friesland and the northern part of South Holland. Then, too, there have been the international deliveries to Arriva in Sweden and Arriva Bus and Coach in Great Britain. Due to the fact that Arriva has chosen us as their partner for the maintenance and repairs for the duration of the concessions as well, we can continue to expand our already successful cooperation in the future,” says Willem van der Leegte, deputy director VDL Groep.

Citea LLE
The majority of the order consists of Citeas of type LLE. The delivery will include 89 of these buses. The Citea LLE is an innovative, lightweight bus concept, specially designed for the demanding conditions of city and regional transport. The Citea LLE is distinguished by its extremely low net weight, with major advantages being significantly lower fuel consumption in comparison to conventional buses and lower maintenance costs. The fuel savings not only means lower operating costs but also significant reduction of the CO2 emissions. The low floor construction at the entry and exit doors provides optimal accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby buggies. This accessibility is further enhanced by the lack of any floor height changes between the entry and exit doors. The Citeas for Arriva are 12 metres long and have seating for 40+2+1 and space for around 40 standing passengers. 

Citea SLF
The Citea SLF (Low Floor), with its completely flat floor, compact dimensions and great manoeuvrability, is the ideal city bus. The low floor construction and the wide entry and exit doors provide optimum accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby buggies. Most of the seats are accessible without any change in floor height. This makes it easy to take a seat and is conducive to passenger flow, minimizing wait time at the bus stop. The Citea SLF is characterized by a lightweight construction as well, which saves fuel and reduces the emissions of harmful substances. The Citeas SLF for Arriva have a length of 12 metres and are equipped with 29+2+1 seats and maximum space for standing passengers.

Arriva Nederland
Arriva Nederland is part of the Arriva Group, owned by Deutsche Bahn. Arriva is a leading passenger transport company, operating in 14 European countries. With more than 54,500 employees and more than 2.2 billion passengers per year, Arriva is one of the largest transporters in Europe. Arriva employs 5,000 people in the Netherlands and provides the bus and train services in 8 provinces. 

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