VDL Bus & Coach delivers 78 buses and coaches to Sambus in Sweden

In December 2014, the delivery of the total order to Sambus, an association of Swedish passenger transport companies, was completed. In total, the combined order consisted of no fewer than 48 Citeas and 30 Futuras. An exceptional aspect of this order is that a VDL Futura FMD2-148 was specially designed and manufactured for Sambus. This Futura FMD2-148 3-axle bus with a length of 14.8 metres is perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the Swedish customer. Both the Citeas and Futuras are being deployed for public transport service in Sweden's Dalarna province. The Futuras are being rostered for the ‘Comfort Line’.

VDL Futura FMD2
This profitable all-rounder can be used for both charter and intercity transport service. The 1,250 mm floor height provides easy entry and egress. The wide centre door, available as an option, can be equipped with a cassette lift to enable disabled passengers to safely enter and exit the coach. The owner/operator will find that the Futura FMD2 offers Profit of Ownership: the low net weight, reduced fuel consumption, high passenger capacity, generous luggage space and low running costs make the Futura FMD2 a highly profitable investment. Sambus has opted for the Futura FMD2-129 2-axle version with a length of 12.9 metres. In addition, a Futura FMD2-148 with a length of 14.8 metres was developed and produced specially for Sambus. This unique 3-axle Futura features seating for 59+1+1 and about 14 standing places and is equipped with a wheelchair lift. The Futura FMD2-148 was specially produced for Sambus in order to serve large numbers of passengers. Sweden's Dalarna region has a cold climate and hilly terrain with many ski areas, so extra passenger capacity is particularly important during the winter months. 

VDL Citea Low Entry Cargo
The Citea Low Entry is available in 4 different lengths and therefore offers many possibilities for configuration and use. Sambus has chosen the length variants SLE-120 (12 metres) and XLE-145 (14.5 metres) in what is called the ‘Cargo’ version. Around 2 m3 of luggage space has been created under the extended high-floor portion of the bus. Particularly in countries where public transport buses are used for long-distance intercity routes, this offers many extra possibilities. The Citeas SLE-120 Cargo and the Citeas XLE-145 Cargo for Sambus are built with an extra-wide single-leaf exit door, comfortable seats, luxury luggage racks, extra insulation and extra heating capacity in connection with the harsh Swedish winters. These buses are also equipped with a strong DAF engine which is suitable for running on biodiesel in order to reduce the CO2 emissions. 

The Citea LLE is a low-entry bus based on an innovative, lightweight concept, specially designed for the demanding conditions of city and regional transport. The sophisticated construction method results in a remarkably low unladen weight, the main benefits of which are significantly lower fuel consumption compared to conventional buses, reduction of CO2 emissions and lower maintenance costs. The low floor construction at the entry and exit doors provides optimal accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby buggies. This accessibility is further enhanced by the lack of any floor height changes between the entry and exit. All these features make the Citea LLE-120 perfectly suited for public transport in Sweden. These characteristics are also what convinced Sambus to purchase Citeas LLE. The buses are equipped with the latest generation Cummins Euro 6 engines and also feature extra insulation and heating due to the Swedish climate. 

Sambus AB
Sambus AB consists of 26 private bus companies. All participating companies are members of the Swedish Bus and Coach Federation (BR). The strength of Sambus stems from the combination of knowledge, skills and resources. Working together allows the member companies to take advantage of the same benefits enjoyed by large companies, in connection with the purchase of fuel and parts and for schooling, training, etc. Additionally, in this manner the participating bus companies are able to ensure that local knowledge is retained and position themselves to quickly and effectively respond to changing circumstances. The total vehicle fleet consists of around 500 buses. Sambus mainly focuses on providing passenger transport services in central Sweden.

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