De Lijn places another large order with VDL Bus & Coach

Belgian passenger transport company De Lijn has placed another large order with VDL Bus & Coach. In total, the order includes 67 Citeas SLE and 9 Citeas SLFA. Moreover, there is the prospect of this order being expanded in early 2016 to include another 121 Citeas SLE and 10 driving instruction buses, Citeas SLE with a second set of pedals for the driving instructor. 
“We are delighted that De Lijn have again put their confidence in us. Following the order for 120 hybrid city buses, this is already the second large order that De Lijn have placed with us in less than two years,” said Peter Wouters, Managing Director of VDL Bus Roeselare, the factory where the Citeas are being built for De Lijn. The first new buses will be delivered in early 2016. The Citeas will be put in service on various lines in Flanders.

Less fuel – lower emissions – greater comfort
According to De Lijn, the new buses are an improvement in areas such as fuel economy, environmental impact, accessibility and comfort. For example, the buses consume 22% less diesel than the buses they replace, which makes for annual savings of 535,000 litres of diesel and an emission reduction of 1,429 tonnes of CO2. Moreover, after this fleet upgrade 90% of the buses will be wheelchair accessible, while this figure is currently 77%. With the new vehicles the percentage of buses with air conditioning will rise to 75%.

Benefits of modular construction
The modular construction of the Citea range allows all the models to benefit from the characteristic Citea features. The innovative lightweight construction means the Citeas have a low net weight. This, combined with efficient engines, results in less fuel consumption and lower emissions of harmful substances. The modular approach also means that a custom solution can be provided for every deployment area. A continuous low floor or low-floor constructions at the entry and exit doors improve accessibility. A perfectly balanced climate control system ensures the most optimal temperature on-board. Harmoniously matched colours give the bus a very spacious feeling. The cantilever seat design (free-hanging seats) ensures plenty of leg room and therefore optimal sitting comfort. Since the entire floor is free of obstacles, the buses are easy to clean. The modular construction also provides many benefits in connection with repairs, maintenance and stocked parts. Add to that the long service life of the Citea and the result is maximum ‘Profit of Ownership’.

Citea SLE
The bulk of the De Lijn order consists of Citeas SLE, where LE stands for Low Entry. The low floor construction at the entry and exit door provides optimal accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby buggies. Air conditioning provides extra travelling comfort. The Citeas SLE for De Lijn have a length of 12 metres and can carry 110 passengers, with 37 seats and 73 standing places.

Citea SLFA
The articulated Citeas SLFA (Low Floor Articulated) for De Lijn have a length of 18 metres and are fitted with 47 seats and 114 standing places. For this model, too, the low floor construction makes it exceptionally easy to enter the bus and offers optimal access for travellers with a baby buggy or wheelchair. This applies both to the front section of the bus and the section behind the articulation. In the section in front of the articulation is a large platform that provides space for both a wheelchair and a baby buggy. During the design of the Citea SLFA considerable attention was given to the flow of passengers from the entry door and to the exit doors. This model, too, features air conditioning for additional travel comfort.

V.V.M. De Lijn
De Lijn is the commercial name for the ‘Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij’, the Flemish Transport Company, an autonomous public company for the city and regional bus and tram service in Flanders. De Lijn is committed to quality, customer-oriented public transport. The company also has a strong commitment to providing punctual, reliable and fast service with sufficient capacity, frequency and safety. In total, this involves around 10,500 workers, approximately 8,100 of which are employed at V.V.M. De Lijn. The remaining 2,400 work for bus companies that provide service on behalf of V.V.M. De Lijn.

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