VDL Futura FMD2-135 new in Futura range

. VDL Bus & Coach is the first European bus and coach manufacturer to introduce a coach with a length of 13.5 metres on two axles. The Futura FMD2-135 is the latest length variant in the Futura range. The FMD2 is a multipurpose vehicle that takes maximum advantage of VDL's lightweight modular construction technique. The benefits of this new 13.5 metre long variant include the generous luggage space (up to 10 m3), the number of seats (up to 63+1+1) and the extra leg room (with fewer seats) for optimum passenger comfort.

VDL Futura FMD2-135
The VDL Futura FMD2, which won the IBC Economy Award last year, is known for its high profitability, which this new length variant also provides. The vehicle is ideal for both touring and intercity work. Unique to the Futura range is the extremely low kerb weight, which in practical terms means lower fuel consumption.
The VDL Futura FMD2-135 is built with the standard front and rear modules also used on the 2-axle FMD2-122 and FMD2-129. The length is adapted to the legal maximum of 13.5 metres for a 2-axle bus. The efficient driveline is powered by a DAF engine, with a choice between the MX-11 240 (240 kW – 330 hp) and MX-11 271 (271 kW – 370 hp). These engines can be combined with a ZF EcoShift 6-speed manual gearbox, a ZF AS Tronic 12-speed semi-automatic gearbox or the ZF EcoLife 6-speed fully-automatic gearbox.

The specifications of the VDL Futura FMD2-135 are as follows:
Overall length: 13,475 mm
Overall width: 2,550 mm
Overall height: 3,500 mm
Wheelbase: 7,430 mm
Front overhang: 2,705 mm
Rear overhang: 3,340 mm
Interior saloon height: 1,940 mm
Turning circle: 23,480 mm

The exceptionally low kerb weight, high passenger capacity, extra passenger comfort, generous luggage space, aerodynamic finish, impressive fuel economy and low kilometre price make the VDL Futura FMD2 an extremely profitable investment. For the operator, the Futura FMD2 means ‘Profit of Ownership’.

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