First VDL Futura FDD2 delivered to RC Travel

On Friday 15 April 2016 the first VDL Futura FDD2 double-decker was delivered to RC Travel in Belgium. The day was not only a milestone for VDL Bus & Coach but also for RC Travel, which in addition to receiving this brand new, First Class outfitted VDL Futura FDD2 also celebrated their 15th anniversary on this special occasion. “This double-decker offers so much comfort and is furnished with such attention to detail that I am very proud of the fact that we, as a loyal 100% VDL customer, were the first to receive this new model. With the acquisition of this ultra-luxurious double-decker coach we want to make it possible to travel business class for an affordable price,” said Ad Bruintjes, Managing Director Royal Coach Travel.

VDL Futura FDD2
With its sophisticated, streamlined, modern design, the VDL Futura FDD2 is the showpiece in the high-end VDL Futura family. With various capacity options, this double-decker offers both the discerning holidaymaker and the intercity business traveller a comfortable and fitting transport solution. The use of a newly developed upper-deck floor made of lightweight sandwich material has made it possible to achieve a generous 1.86 m of standing height on the lower deck. A true innovation is the improvement of the driver's upward viewing angle, achieved by sloping the floor of the upper deck upwards at the windscreen. This gives the feeling of having plenty of space and an optimal view. Light weight plus a fuel-efficient powertrain equals financial benefit for the coach operator. The vehicle’s low kerb weight makes it possible to carry more passengers, and a light vehicle consumes less fuel. For the coach operator this means double benefit – more paying passengers and lower fuel costs – resulting in Profit of Ownership. 

From left to right: Paul Cremers (Managing Director Staf Cars and Solmar Tours), Frank van Geel (Managing Director VDL Bus Modules), Ad Bruintjes (Managing Director Royal Coach Travel) and Willem van der Leegte (Executive Board VDL Groep).

First Class version for RC Travel
The Futura FDD2 for RC Travel is constructed as a First Class Coach, a business class version for luxurious long-distance travel. In addition to those for the driver and co-driver, there are 48 luxury seats for the passengers and two special hostess seats. The bus is also equipped with an extra sleeping area for the hostess. The exceptionally comfortable VDL Class 600 seats are placed in a spacious 2+1 arrangement. Each seat has its own 220 volt socket and USB port. The multimedia system in the coach offers the passenger a choice of various music channels and 50 different films. The fully furnished and fully equipped kitchen provides everything needed to provide meals and refreshments while under way. 

RC Travel 
Coach operator RC Travel focuses on luxury long-distance travel. During the summer period most of the trips are to Spain and Croatia for tour operator Solmar Tours and in the winter period to various winter sports destinations. The fleet consists entirely of VDL double-decker buses, four with the Royal Class package, plus the latest addition: the VDL Futura FDD2 with First Class package.
Having started as a bus driver at RC (Royal Class) Travel, Ad Bruintjes took over the company in 2001 and renamed it RC (Royal Coach) Travel. The fleet has always consisted of VDL double-decker coaches, including the Berkhof Excellence 2000, the VDL Axial 100, the VDL Synergy and now the new VDL Futura FDD2.

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