100 residential OTOKAR to Izmir

OTOKAR won the competition for the supply of 100 residential

OTOKAR won the competition for the supply of 100 residential busses for the service of ESHOT transportation company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Otokar will deliver the vehicles during  2016. The contract also covers the service, maintanance and repair of the busses. Otokar, member of the Koç group, enhances the fleet of public transport in the munipilacities of all Turkey. The delivery completion will happen within 2016.

The residential busses that were developed recently by Otokar will be used for the first time in Izmit. The new low-leveled residential busses of Otokar will allow for the entrance of disabled passengers. They are air conditioned and enviromentally friendly. The engine is fully compatible with Euro 6 standards.

Otokar, member of the Koç group of businesses, designs nad manufactures professional vehicles including busses, trucks and semitrailers. Otokar functions with over 2.000 employees in a total factory area of 552.000 square meters in Arifiye, Sakarya, Turkey. Otokar Europe has european agents from 2011, for the european bus market, being Paris, France.

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