VDL Bus & Coach performs conversion of 256 MU buses

VDL Bus & Coach performs conversion of 256 MU buses

VDL Bus & Coach, as subcontractor, is converting 256 MU (Mobile Unit) buses for the Dutch Police. VDL Bus Venlo, where the buses are being entirely converted according to the specific requirements of the MU, has already delivered a large number of special, custom-made vehicles commissioned by the police in recent years. For VDL Bus & Coach, this represents the biggest order in the history of vehicle conversions. The police chose white as the new exterior colour. These new white MU buses will replace the present dark blue vehicles. Two vehicles have been presented so far; the first batch is scheduled for delivery in the autumn of 2016, with the last buses being delivered in 2019. After 2019, it may be possible that the order will be increased by an additional 83 vehicles. The repair and maintenance contract for the next 10 years has also been placed with VDL Bus & Coach.

Everything has been considered
Various units of the police force tested the buses thoroughly before the order was placed. An extensive list of requirements for the vehicles was drawn up. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter buses were used as the basis for performing the conversion. The compact dimensions of these MU buses make them highly agile and thus ideally suited for use in crowd management, with the Mobile Unit moving in small groups through masses of people. The order consists of group vehicles and command vehicles. The group vehicle offers space for 9 people: the driver and the commandant in the cab, a team of 6 and possibly 1 suspect behind, and is designed with features including extra-wide side doors on either side, special windows and a cell. The command vehicle has room for the driver and commandant in the cab and 2 operators in the rear of the vehicle. Also installed in the rear of the vehicle is a conference table and various technical gadgets such as the sound commander, which lets the police address people up to 1,000 metres away. 

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