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flexheader3 Help Information: The images below will be used from top to bottom. The first image wins

flexheader3 uses this folder for its images: /images/spec/ , the full pathname is: /var/www/vhosts/buscoach.gr/public_html/images/spec/

Name of your header-image for this site itemid209-id50
Name of your header-image for the menu entry: itemid209
Name of your header-image for the parent menu item (if applicable): parent155
Name of your header-image for the current category; category14
Name of your header-image for the current parentcategory: parentcategory13
Name of your header-image for the current component: com_content

This image was found and will be used at the moment: itemid209.jpg

Developer Debug Information

Main information

flexheader3 Version: 1.5.3
Template: basic25


flexheader3 CSS Class:
Folder Location: images
Real Folder Location: images/
Folder Name: spec
Default Image: default
File Type: .jpg
Height: 298
Width: 698
Indication of Dimensions: px
Display_Mode: img
DIV Content:
ALT Text:


Joomfish Support in FL enabled: 0
Joomfish Language: en-GB
LinkSupport: 0
LinkTarget: /
Load CSS File: 0

Option: com_content
ID: -id50
ItemID: itemid209
parentcategory: parentcategory13
Category: category14
ParentID: parent155
View: article
Layout: 0
VirtueMart Support: 0
VirtueMart Product ID:
VirtueMart Category ID:


Debug_opac: 85%
Developer_Debug: 1
Developer_Height: auto%
Debug_postion: bottom
Debug: 1
Debug_BG_Color: Green

Web Image Location: /images/spec/
Web Content Name : /images/spec/itemid209.jpg
Web ContentMenu Name : /images/spec/itemid209-id50.jpg
Web ParentMenu Name : /images/spec/parent155.jpg
Web Category Name : /images/spec/category14.jpg
Web parentcategory Name : /images/spec/parentcategory13.jpg
Web Component Name : /images/spec/com_content.jpg
Default Web Image: /images/spec/default.jpg
WebDirName: /
Joomla Root on Server: /var/www/vhosts/buscoach.gr/public_html/
Filesystem Image Location: /var/www/vhosts/buscoach.gr/public_html/images/spec/
Default FS Image: /var/www/vhosts/buscoach.gr/public_html/images/spec/default.jpg
Default Web Image: /images/spec/default.jpg
Web CSS Content Name : /images/spec/itemid209.css
Web CSS ContentMenu Name : /images/spec/itemid209-id50.css
Web CSS ParentMenu Name : /images/spec/parent155.css
Web CSS Category Name : /images/spec/category14.css
Web CSS parentcategory Name : /images/spec/parentcategory13.css
Web CSS Component Name : /images/spec/com_content.css
Default Web CSS: /images/spec/default.css
Default FS CSS: /var/www/vhosts/buscoach.gr/public_html/images/spec/default.css
Default Web CSS: /images/spec/default.css


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