10 years later…

It was the summer of 2003 when the happy owner Anastasios Manolopoulos from Arcadia’s public bus services was delivered the new VDL BOVA. The decision was based on his own personal experience from previous used busses and from the general perspective of the market on the «behavior» of BOVA. A bus with simple manufacturing, that is functional, lightweight with smart manufacturing and economic in its operation.

As the time passed the pleasure of riding a new bus gave its place to the satisfaction that the choice he did was the best for his pocket. In the course of these 10 years despite the planned service per 50.000 km with filter replacement and oil, the FUTURA asked nothing more than a replacement of the front brake pads on 600.000 km.

A ten year use with a expenses tab consisting only of oils, filters and of course the smaller diesel consumption of the market. This year after 10 years nearing 700.000 km, a leak on the flange of the gearbox forced him to «step down» gearbox. With this opportunity he changed the clutch which seemed that it would easily been functional for 2 more years.

Admiring his car, which he has nicknamed «Palikari», for a full decade and which he has preserved in excellent condition until now sprang the idea for this short tribute.

A tribute for the greek car owner that considers his bus to be an added member of his family and a bus that closed its 30th year of life leaves indelible mark and heavy trust to its successors.

There are many things that you can say but words can’t describe the work of this tireless «worker». A 100% professional bus that we come across everywhere and has been established on the professional’s conscience as the most realistic and most economic offer of the market.

We wish our customer and friend Anastasio Manolopoulo many more non-troubling kilimeters and to all of you Happy Holidays with Health and Productivity for you and your families.

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